It’s amazing what taking control of your life can do for you.

As I mentioned quite a bit in my Blog Challenge, I’ve been dealing with a bit of depression this past year.  One of my resolutions was to work on ways to combat my depression.

Since then I’ve been running, eating better (fell off the wagon there a bit… oops, but I’m getting back into it, and I’ve been running… one step at a time right?) and I started re-organizing my house. Staying busy is good. But somewhere along the way things started to shift inside.  Not only was I making changes to the outside, but my outlook and energy is starting to shift. I’m seeing things differently and feeling things differently. I’m starting to get clarity.

It feels pretty darn good. I needed to stop trying to PLAN everything. I needed to live in the moment more (wasn’t that one of my resolutions?) and I’m taking life by the reins.  I’ve been waiting for life to happen for so long, I kind of forgot that there are things I can do to make it more enjoyable on the journey.

So, no grand statements, no sweeping gestures… But I’m really enjoying running again. My family is loosely planning on running the Hartford Half Marathon again in October, so I am going to keep running and if I feel it’s something I can do I will run it again.  I’m slowly tackling all of the organization nightmares in my house (is your jaw on the floor Mom??) so I am planning some posts about that.  I just feel overall better about everything, it may not always be sunshine and roses, but for now things are pretty darn good. Smile

Thanks for sticking with me on my journey.

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2 Responses to Clarity.

  1. Jan (mom) says:

    My heart is smiling. <3

  2. Jenna says:

    :) miss u girlie… u can always count on me too when u need some smiles 😉

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