Nolan: 4 Month Update

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I’m not sure how or when it happened but I have a 4 month old already! Where has the time gone?!

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Nolan had a bit of a rough month… or I had a rough month rather. Sleep is really hard to come by and this little man seems to be quite the early bird, waking up at 4, 5, and 6 AM ready to party. Luckily with a little convincing I can talk him into sleeping a bit more at 4 or 5, but if it’s at 6 he’s pretty much up.  Then he falls asleep for his first nap by 7:30, which then throws off our whole day. If I can convince him to sleep until 7 his nap schedule is pretty predicable throughout the day, the AMOUNT of time he sleeps per nap is kind of unpredictable… but he basically has four 30-40 minute naps a day now (sometimes longer most of the time shorter…).

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He also has mastered rolling from back to belly this month, and BOY does he love to roll now!  Getting this month’s pictures was interesting to say the least, I had to get a little creative on some of them! He can only reliably roll to his right, but we’re working on getting the left side down.  He also prefers to be upright as much as possible (unless he’s rolling), he loves to sit up or be propped up.  We bought a jumparoo to help give our arms a rest and he LOVES it. He will sit and jump in it for a while! He likes to give those chunky thighs a good workout. Winking smile

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Along with his poor sleep patterns he may also be starting to teethe, we have a drool machine on our hands!  He also loves to chew on EVERYTHING. His favorite things to chew on currently are his hands, but he also loves to suck and chew on anything soft and squishy.  There are two white spots on his gums that might be teeth coming in, but the pediatrician said they might not come through for a while. So we may be in for a rough few months of teething! Poor bubs.

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Nolan has really found his voice this month! He’s quite the chatterbox, and it’s the cutest thing ever! Except for when it’s 4 or 5 in the morning (see above)… He finds it really entertaining to make all these different sounds.  He also makes cute faces with some of them. It’s really cool seeing him learn all of these new things all the time!

This little guy just gets bigger and bigger with each passing day and it seems like he learns something new everyday! I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up, time really needs to slow down, though I would love for him to start sleeping through the night. haha

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I have crazy mixed emotions about his getting bigger, I can’t wait for the fun milestones like sitting up and starting to eat foods and crawling (sort of haha)… But I also don’t want him to get any bigger and to stay my little baby forever.

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4 Month Stats

Height: 26 1/4”

Weight: 17lbs 12.8 oz

Head Circumference: 16 3/4”

Clothes: Fitting well into 6 and 9 month separates and 6-9 month sleepers.

Night Wakeups: still too many to count, 4 wakeups/nurse sessions is a great night these days.

Favorite Activity:  Rolling and playing in his jumparoo.

Least Favorite Activity: sleeping… definitely sleeping.

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Cloth Diaper 101: How To Wash Diapers

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Washing cloth diapers isn’t as scary as it sounds. Think of it this way, if you get baby poop on baby’s clothes (or your clothes) what do you do? Just pop them in the wash, maybe pre-treat to prevent stains, but otherwise that’s about it right?  Cloth diapers are really no different.

However, there are two schools of thought on washing diapers, neither is “wrong” if it works for you. One is to use minimal detergent and/or use cloth diaper specific detergent and do lots of rinses.  The other is to use regular detergent and use the recommended amounts and minimal rinses. I prefer the latter but I’ll get into the whys of that later. So remember, while there are other ways of doing things, this is how I do my diaper laundry… if you do it differently that doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong if it’s working for you! Smile

Early in my research I found Fluff Love University, they advocate using mainstream detergent and working with your water and washer to make your wash routine work for you.  Since everyone’s situation is different wash routines aren’t quite cut and dry. However, if you have hard water you tend to need more detergent and a water softener and less rinses than if you have soft water. There are also differences with top loaders and HE front loaders. The most important part of the washing process is water level (which can be difficult to get right in a front loader, though not impossible!).  So let me walk you through my wash routine.

**Note: This is not how you wash WOOL. I will do a separate post about wool care! DO NOT WASH WOOL IN A WASHING MACHINE!**

Step 1: Put baby in a safe spot if he/she isn’t napping…


Step 2: Get diapers from diaper pail/wet bag.

Note: Exclusively breastfed baby poop doesn’t need to be disposed of before washing. So dirty diapers come off of baby, inserts get pulled out and into the pail they go.  Once baby starts solids or if baby gets formula you should dump the poo and/or spray the diaper then throw it in the pail. Either way you shouldn’t be dealing with any “extra” steps in your wash process, only in the diaper change process.


Step 3: Dump diapers into washer, turn wet bag/pail liner inside out and throw in with diapers.



Step 4: Choose appropriate water level and wash cycle. I do a heavy wash cycle with warm water and a cold rinse (a lot of people just do a cold rinse first to clean up waste). I add line 1-2 of Tide (depending on load size) and a 1/2 cup of Borax (water softener). DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER! Fabric softener will cause repelling in your diapers making them not absorb the mess! We have very hard water so adding a water softener is necessary to make sure the soap can do it’s job and it keeps the hard water minerals from depositing into the diapers. Mineral buildup can cause repelling issues (the water softener also makes our regular laundry softer!). You don’t need a water softener if you have soft water! You can easily order (or get one free) a water testing strip to see if you have hard or soft water.


To choose the water level I usually start with “small” as the option and leave the top open and check the level when it’s done filling, if it needs more water I bump it to “medium” then check again. You want the water level to make a “stew” consistency with your diapers, too little water and you have chili consistency, too much and you have soup. Water level is important because you need the diapers (and all laundry really) to rub against each other to really get clean, not enough water and they can’t move around, too much and there isn’t enough friction.  You want to be able to push down on the laundry and get a couple inches of water. For this load, small wasn’t enough water and medium put a little too much, so I threw in a towel to make up the difference.




Step 5: After the first cycle is done. Repeat. For the second run I use a full scoop of tide and the same 1/2 cup of borax and a hot wash/cold rinse cycle.  I re-check the water level again, starting with a small load, since everything is wet this time, I tend to need less water. Small was fine for the second round.



Step 6: Check a few diapers and inserts to make sure they are clean (sniff test and check for stains) then hang dry anything that can’t go in the dryer (covers, fitteds, all in ones, wet bag/pail liner), pop inserts and wipes into the dryer. I dry on medium heat to be safe.  You can also hang on a line and dry outside, the sun is great for stains, though I haven’t had any bad stains yet with my wash routine.


And that’s it. Once the covers are dry I fold and stuff the inserts into them and they are ready to use! So the only thing that makes this different than how I do any other laundry is that I do two cycles to make sure they are clean, every once in a while I’ll have to run it once more to make sure it’s really clean (sometimes a diaper gets caught in the pail liner and I worry the wash didn’t clean as well as I’d like so I run the whole thing again, because I’m anal about diaper laundry. haha

If you have any questions about how to wash or why I wash this way, please ask them below!  If you want to figure out the best wash routine for you, check out Fluff Love University.

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