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Sorry this space has been so Nolan centered these last few months (and basically only monthly updates)… I think it’s a pretty accurate reflection of my life right now, so I’m not TOTALLY sorry, because that’s just the way it is. But I am starting to realize I do need to still take care of Me and make time for things that make me happy. We are still working hard to get Nolan to sleep better and once that happens I know I’ll be in a much better place… But I do still need to do things for me once in a while.

So, while my life is still very much Nolan Centric, you can expect to see some more posts that make me happy… Exercise, healthy(ish) recipes, more cloth diaper posts and so much more! Thanks for sticking with me!

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Nolan: 5 Month Update

This is where I normally say “I can’t believe he’s 5 months old already”… and it’s true I can’t, but I think by now we’ve established that the days themselves are long but the weeks FLY BY. And of course this post is a few day late… such is life.

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This little boy… He has just completely stolen my heart. He may not let me sleep still, but man; I didn’t know I could love someone so much. I mean he was born and I loved him SO much instantly, but it really seems like everyday I love him more and more and every day I don’t think it’s possible to love him any more than I already do… but I do, every day.  He is the happiest and sweetest little boy in the whole world. He is SO smart and he is starting to interact and play more than he was just a couple weeks ago. It’s amazing just how quickly they learn and grow!

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I forgot to mention in my sleep deprived stupor in last month’s post that Nolan laughs now! He’s still a tough critic, but he has his moments where he thinks we’re pretty hilarious. Blue is always hilarious and Nolan LOVES puppy kisses from him. It’s probably his favorite thing ever. And it’s adorable (and a little gross). I’m so glad they get along.

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Over the last few weeks Nolan got his first tooth! Quickly followed by his second (which just broke through the other day!). I can’t believe my baby has teeth already, for some reason I thought babies didn’t get them until way later… but here we were 4 and a half months with teeth. Crazy.  I loved his little toothless grin, but his big white chomper smile is growing on me (who am I kidding, I think he’s the most adorable thing ever, all.the.time.).

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Nolan loves to roll all over the place these days, but he wants to MOVE, and he isn’t there yet so he gets frustrated. He looks like he just wants to get up and run around some times and he gets SO mad that he can’t. We are working on crawling, but he doesn’t quite have the strength to hold his belly off the ground yet, but he sure does try.  We are also working on sitting up, he’s SO close and can balance for a couple seconds here or there on his own, but with just a little support he can sit up for quite a while, which is good because he hates laying down now unless he’s rolling. This is kid is going to be a terror once he can go places.

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This little blondie loves playtime with Daddy; Daddy may be his favorite person ever, he lights up when Jason walks into the room… Not as much as when he sees Blue, but we try to not get too jealous about that.  His favorite toys right now are an owl from his skip-hop treetop activity gym (who we have name Hooty Hoot… thanks Jodi for the super creative name) and a stuffed giraffe toy we have named Buttons. They come with us everywhere and have saved the day when he heads to meltdown city.  Especially on long car rides!

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This month we also took him to a cranial specialist to take a look at his head, he had quite a flat spot and it was a bit lopsided when you looked at it from the top and he was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly. Totally fixable and doesn’t affect him in any way other than he might be self conscious and it might make safety helmets not effective later in life because they won’t fit correctly, and for that reason we decided with the specialists recommendation to get him a Doc-Band helmet. He’s had it on for a week now and we can already see an improvement and he isn’t bothered by it at all! We had it painted in a cool vintage aviator cap style and we think he looks pretty cool. Winking smile

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Nolan is kind of sleeping worse than ever right now… he wakes up pretty much hourly, but we’re working on it. Between teething, stuffy noses and the helmet it’s been a bit of an adjustment these past few months. Naps got really rough for a couple weeks, he would only nap for 10-20 minutes at a time, we’re up to 30 minutes reliably now and if I go in and rock him for a few minutes I can usually put him back down and get another 30 out of him. We’re all happier with that arrangement than the mini naps. But if we’re talking about favorite vs least favorite things, I would say sleep is his least favorite thing again this month.

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Overall, being this little boy’s Mom is the best thing ever, tiring, but the best none-the-less. His personality is coming out more and more everyday, and while he may be stubborn (I have no idea where he could have gotten that… haha) and opinionated (I’m pretty sure we’ve known this from the beginning) he is also silly and adventurous and sociable. He loves going and sitting outside and watching everything or going to stores and looking around and flirting with EVERYONE. He just loves attention… as long as Mom or Dad is holding him Winking smile.

This month we’ll be making our first BIG trip with him, I’m slightly terrified. We’ll be flying and then leaving him with my mom for an evening for the first time ever. I’ve been stressing out about it for weeks now. If you have any tips for flying/traveling with a baby PLEASE share them with me! I’d love to hear them.

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5 Month Stats

Height: 27 1/2” (unofficially) 

Weight: 19lbs 12.8 oz (unofficially)

Head Circumference: roughly 17.5” (unofficially)

Clothes: Fitting well into 9 month separates and 9-12 month sleepers.

Night Wakeups: still too many to count…  again 

Favorite Activity:  Getting kisses from Blue and jumping in his jumperoo.

Least Favorite Activity: sleeping.

Hair Color: Blonde, now that his  dark newborn hair has all fallen out officially, we can say this kid is DEFINITELY a blonde! It’s practically white in the sunlight.

Eye Color: Grey/Green/Hazel still not sure what they’ll turn into, even the doctor wasn’t sure at his 4 month well visit.

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