Pregnancy: Week 36

Well, I was saying how I wasn’t ready for baby but was getting more uncomfortable… well, pregnancy hit me like a brick wall this week!

The belly seems a LOT bigger this week, I’m feeling SO pregnant and starting to get emotional about everything… It’s crazy how much can change in a few short days!  I only have a couple more days of work and as much as I love my job I’m really looking forward to being done, everything is SO much work these days… Even just getting out of bed!  We also finished our Bradley Method classes this week, it was bitter sweet but I’m glad we got them done before the baby came!

Midnight tonight marks officially making it to 37 weeks, which means if I were to go into labor I have the green light to give birth at the birth center!  It’s crazy to think I’ve made it this far!  At my last appointment I got my “first call” midwife’s number and a list of things to bring to the birth center when I’m in labor.  I’m also going for appointments weekly now, so things are definitely getting real!

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Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

I thought it might be fun to post the top 5 things I couldn’t have lived without so far in pregnancy.  I know these are different for everyone, but here is my list:

Disclaimer:  I have been in no way compensated for mentioning any of these items, everything I mention has been purchased with my own money and are things I truly couldn’t have made it this far without. I’m sharing because maybe these will help someone else out! Also, links provided are not affiliate links.

1. Old Navy Full Panel Maternity Skinny Jeans…

maternity jeans


These are the most comfortable maternity pants I’ve owned, they fit great they stay up and the go with everything. I have LIVED in these jeans since I got them. They are super comfortable and only now at 35 weeks is the panel getting a little snug, they’ve fit great since 12 weeks.  Love them!

2.  Palmer’s Tummy Butter

tummy butter


Now, I’m not going to say that this KEPT me from getting stretch marks, I think that is mostly determined by genetics… However I am 35 weeks and don’t have any yet and I’ve used this religiously since 12 weeks.  It is greasy, which I didn’t love at first, but as my belly got bigger I really liked that it was heavier and seemed to last longer and soak in better.  It also felt great rubbing it on my belly piercing, I took my belly button ring out around 18 weeks and there were a few times when it felt really tight and painful, I rubbed some of this stuff on it and it really helped it feel better.  I do have one little red mark near my belly button piercing, but we can’t tell if it’s a “stretch mark” or if it’s a mark from when it was healing way back when that has just got a little bigger… Either way, I LOVE this stuff!

3.  Tums Ultra 1000 – Assorted Fruit Flavors



I’ve tried them all, the smoothies, the assorted berries, the tropical fruit, regular strength, ultra strength and some HORRIBLE chewy kind (seriously, those are disgusting)… These are by far my favorite. I have mentioned that I’ve had heartburn and indigestion and (lately) acid reflux and these are the only thing that can help at all (besides Zantac).  I’m pretty sure I OD on these things daily, but they help and I take them with me everywhere. I would be one mean and miserable pregnant lady if I didn’t have these!

4. Leachco Back n’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow



I don’t play around when it comes to comfort and sleep… And this thing is AMAZING.  It’s huge, not going to lie, and I’m pretty sure Jason hates it, but I would not survive without this thing (actually, on my trip up north I didn’t have this for a week and I felt like my back was going to break in two by the end of the trip, I seriously wouldn’t be able to function without it). I tried the Snoogle early on, but I’m a side sleeper and I have to switch sides to stay comfortable and I couldn’t sleep well when I was waking up to reposition a one sided pillow, not to mention it gets stuck between your legs and then flipping sides is IMPOSSIBLE.  With the back n’ belly pillow you move freely and the pillow stays put.  There are a lot of comfortable ways to sleep with this thing and I love every one of them.  I may never sleep without it again.

5. A Good Chiropractor (specializing in Webster Technique)

This one is a big one.  After not sleeping with my pillow mentioned above for a week, I had some SERIOUS sciatic pain and overall achy-ness.  I asked around and found a great chiropractor who specialized in adjusting pregnant women and helping babies get into the optimal positions for birth.  I go weekly and it’s the only thing that makes me able to walk like a human again. Also, I don’t know how much she helped with this or if it was just baby doing it’s job, but baby had been transvers for most of the pregnancy and my first midwife appointment after seeing her baby was head down and well centered in my pelvis. Coincidence? Maybe… But I know how I feel after I leave her office and my hips are loose and my round ligament pain is nearly non-existent, she’s gotta be doing something right!

Honorable Mention:  A Fetal Doppler.



This is the only thing we didn’t purchase ourselves, and it was a gift from my sister-in-law.  I dealt with a lot of anxiety in the first trimester thinking something was going to go wrong, so having this doppler at home to hear the baby whenever I was feeling anxious was a godsend. I couldn’t hear the baby until around 9-10 weeks, and I tried to only listen once a week, but it was the only thing that could put my mind at ease some days and it was THE BEST gift we could have gotten, and if we hadn’t gotten it as a gift we would have ended up getting one for ourselves.  Once I could feel the baby moving around I stopped using it, but for those first few months this was a necessity!

So there you have it, my top 5 pregnancy must haves! What could you not live without during pregnancy?

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