Nolan: 11 Month Update!

Another month, so so late!  Ugh, this month Nolan did NOT want to cooperate with pictures… so it is what it is. And SO much has changed in just the two weeks since he’s turned 11 months, so I’m going to be writing this as of what he could do when he turned 11 months.

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Sleep has gotten a lot better, he’s back down to one or two wakeups (typically 2) but we’re both feeling a lot more rested because of it.  Naps are great, he really loves his naps during the day and will solidly take two 1.5 hour naps a day.

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Food is really hit or miss with him right now… He will eat great one day then hate that food the next.  The only real staple in his diet right now is cheese.  Luckily I am able to still force feed him the sneaky veggie purees so I know he’s getting a mostly well rounded diet. And he is still nursing quite a bit during the day and he isn’t getting skinny, so I don’t think he’s lacking nutrients. haha

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He is still mostly refusing to say Mama. He will gladly say “Da-da” though and I’m pretty sure he is also trying to say “dog” but it sounds a lot like “da-da” still. But he says it a lot when Blue comes near him.  He still absolutely LOVES Blue.

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Mobility wise, he is crawling like a big boy about 80% of the time now, army crawling is getting to be a thing of the past, and he is getting QUICK!  He loves to take his walking toy and “go walking” around the living room, and he’s getting braver and starting to carry toys around while he does it, it won’t be long before he’s walking… Thankfully he’s too chicken right now, but I totally think he could.

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He is still such a comedian.  Not a day goes by where he doesn’t make me laugh so hard I cry. He’s a goofball and he knows it. He loves to make us laugh.  His favorite thing currently is gasping, trying to talk while gasping is even more fun.  He still likes to hit himself in the head so Mommy says “stop hitting yourself”, he thinks it’s hilarious.  He also thinks feeding the dog his dinner is hilarious… Mommy does not.

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The toddler attitude is starting to come out in full force, which I am not looking forward to. He now throws tantrums, full on red faced, throwing his head back ones. Which made getting these pictures difficult. haha

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Through it all though, he really is a great baby. And I’m starting to get so emotional about him growing up. This year has gone by SO FAST. It really feels like we just brought him home a month ago. My sweet baby boy will be ONE soon.  I can’t even think about it.

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11 Month Stats

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Head Circumference: unmeasured this month.

Clothes: 18m and 18-24m!

Night Wakeups: 1-2 usually.

New Words:  none, still dada and very rarely mama.

New Tricks: walking one handed with his walker.

Favorite Foods: lima beans, strawberries, cheese, pasta.

Least Favorite Foods: chicken, broccoli.

Favorite Activity:  Standing, cruising, chasing balls on the hardwood floor.

Least Favorite Activity: sitting still to get his picture taken.

Number of Teeth: 8 still, but molars are definitely starting to come in!

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Nolan: 10 Month Update!

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Late as usual, but getting decent pictures seems to get harder and harder each month!  It’s like all of the stars need to align in order for it to work out, he needs to be in a great mood, it needs to be super sunny outside so there is enough light for the pictures, his one white cloth diaper needs to be clean and his carpet needs to be freshly vacuumed, oh and Jason needs to be there to be my assistant. haha It’s a circus. This month it seemed that every time Nolan was in a good enough mood it was a cloudy and overcast day and I couldn’t get decent light. Oh well, we finally got some!

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At 10 months old Nolan is finally crawling normal about 40% of the time, he CAN do it, he’s just lazy and would rather army crawl (he’s VERY fast that way).  Because of this Nolan has skilled out of physical therapy! YAY!  He is officially on track (and ahead in some areas) and shows little to no side favoring (what caused his plagiocephally).  He pulls up on everything, he is cruising around the furniture and starting to get really quick with his push walker!  Thank goodness he doesn’t have the drive to stand up or walk on his own right now (he’s pretty content with his mobility status), because he would be off like a rocket!

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He can be very finicky with food lately… One week he LOVES something, the next he refused to touch it. Some days he will eat whatever we put in front of him, the next he will immediately throw it all on the floor (…fun….).  His favorite things the last month have been hard boiled eggs, yogurt and macaroni and cheese.  Coming in at a close second are black beans, he has a love/hate relationship with them, but I think he loves them more than hates them this month.  Because of his pickiness we introduced some veggie and fruit purees for “dessert”… I was worried he wasn’t getting enough veggies (especially greens) since he went through about a 2 week period of not wanting to eat anything but pasta (Sad smile) so we bought some purees with sneaky veggies in them, his favorites are combos of pear/peas/spinach and apple/kale/spinach.  I feel a lot better knowing he is at least getting some greens in, instead of just throwing them on the floor.  His current least favorite food would probably be broccoli or carrots… He just is not a fan.

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Sleep has been really rough this month, I think he went through a pretty fast and furious growth spurt and might have had some growing pains… I swear one day he woke up and his pjs got shorter over night (seriously)…. He would have a few nights where he would wake up 3-5+ times, then other nights he would wake up twice and sleep soundly between.  It’s been rough, but at the same time I try to remind myself that this time is SO short in the grand scheme of things and he will only be this little once, so I’m trying to soak up as much of his “baby-ness” as I can, even if it means I’m a zombie most days.

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At least during the day he’s typically a joy to be around. He’s super silly and sweet as can be!  He’s always trying to make me laugh or cuddling up to me (or the ottoman).  His favorite “tricks” are hitting himself in the head and laughing when I say “stop hitting yourself”, sharing his water or food with me at meals, dancing to just about anything, making gasping noises and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… or more specifically the hot dog dance at the end of the show… It’s his FAVORITE. He has gotten so excited he’s cried on more than one occasion. It’s adorable.

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All in all, he is the best little boy I could ever ask for.  I can’t believe in a few short months he will be a year old!  I need time to slow down, I want him to be a baby forever!!

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9 Month Stats

Height: 30.5” (unofficially)

Weight: 24 lbs 6 oz

Head Circumference: unmeasured this month.

Clothes: Mostly all 18 month clothes at this point, he can still wear 9-12 month if it’s stretchy though.

Night Wakeups: 3-5+ still.

New Words:  none, still dada and very rarely mama.

New Tricks: hitting himself in the head and sharing things.

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, macaroni and cheese and hard boiled eggs.

Least Favorite Foods: broccoli and carrots.

Favorite Activity:  Standing, cruising, chasing balls on the hardwood floor.

Least Favorite Activity: sitting still to get his picture taken.

Number of Teeth: 8, but molars might be starting to come in! Sad smile

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